Frequently asked questions

How can I change the site in future?

There are three ways that you can modify, extend and update the site:

  • You can ask me to do it. I would charge at my normal rate of £80 per hour for this.
  • You can do it yourself. Having purchased the Wix subscription, you could explore the site and learn how to make changes yourself.
  • You can ask someone else to do it. Anyone who is familiar with the Wix environment can change your site.

Suppose my business changes and I don't need the website any more?

You can cancel the website hosting and your Wix subscription at pretty much any stage. But, having once paid for the first year’s hosting and yearly Wix subscription, you obviously can’t recover that cost.

Who provides the words and pictures?

I'm happy to provide some initial thoughts, but most of the text needs to be provided by you. It’s your business after all, and you will know how you want it described. The pictures are more of a joint effort. I can provide some background images that will make up the theme of the site, but you may have logos or particular images that you would like to see included. That’s fine, but they do need to be of good quality.

Can I link through to my Facebook and Twitter accounts?


Will I turn up in Google searches?

Yes and no. The website development includes the necessary work to connect you to Google, (called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO). This means that if someone types in your website name, the it will turn up almost immediately on Google. However, appearing in more general searches, such as “Web designers in London”, will take significantly longer and depends on a wide variety of factors such as website hits, whether you are quoted on any other websites and so on.

Do I get an email address linked to my website address?

You can, but Wix charge extra for it. (currently 4.99 per year)

Can people contact me through the website?

Yes, you can either put your contact details on the Website, or you can have a contact form that allows people to send you messages. Contact details are more direct, but some people search the web for websites with contact details and then sell them on to cold calling companies, so you might not want to do that.

Can I build up a mailing list?

Yes, you can have a very simple form that allows people to type in their email address, and you can then build this into a mailing list that you can use for announcements, news and events.

I am cautious about committing to this project.

Quite understandable, however, you don’t actually have to commit until you see the skeleton website, and ask me to move forward. Up to that point, you can decide to stop and walk away with no cost.