Frequently asked questions

Why clean with a new scrub sponge every day?

Research has shown that kitchen sponges may contain more active bacteria than anywhere else in the house, including the toilet! Research has also shown that sponges may contain pathogenic bacteria, like E. coli and salmonella, that can lead to disease. Not to mention, who wants to clean with a dirty, old sponge! Scrub & Throw's 1 Day Scrub Sponges are new and clean, every day.

Why clean with a zero-waste scrub sponge?

Short answer. Because the earth is awesome. Long answer. Because most other scrub sponges, even many that claim to be environmentally friendly, are pesticide-soaked, made with oil, release microplastics right down your kitchen drain into the ocean, and fill our landfills with nylon, polyester, foam and many more man-made waste that will remain there forever. Scrub & Throw scrub sponges do the same job as your traditional scrub sponge and create zero waste. They biodegrade in about 30 days, are made entirely of loofah (which is a vegetable), require zero oil for production, are a renewable resource, contain zero plastics, glues, dyes, pesticides, detergents, antimicrobials, or chemicals of any kinds. And, they're vegan-- did you know that some natural sponges are made from once-living sea creatures?!? Scrub and Throw scrub sponges deliver guilt-free scrubbing at its finest.

How do I purchase Scrub & Throw products?

You can purchase Scrub & Throw products right here on our website. Alternatively, you purchase Scrub & Throw products at the following online retailers: (for all international orders)

How do I become a Scrub & Throw retailer?

If you would like to become a Scrub & Throw retailer, please contact

What types of household items can be cleaned using Scrub & Throw scrub sponges?

Scrub & Throw scrub sponges can be used on dishes, countertops, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, high chairs, toys, pet cages, windows, walls and anywhere else that needs a good scrubbing.